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Az EAPC 14. Kongresszusa

Koppenhága, 2015. május 8 - 10.

Present Your Country to the World
The core of the EAPC congresses is that professionals from all around the world are coming together to present and discuss their experiences and research. The representation of all parts of the world is of great value for the success of the congress as the meeting lives of the many-sidedness of its visitors: their ideas, their science, their culture. We therefore would like to ask you to invite your members to contribute to the congress by presenting themselves and their work to the world in Copenhagen 2015.

Abstract Submission Deadline: 15 October 2014
More information can be found on the congress website at A hivatkozásra kattintva elhagyja a weboldalt

Benefit from Reduced Registration Fee for Your Members
We would like to invite all members of your association to benefit from the special reduced registration fee. The only thing your members will need to do in order to get this discount is to be registered in the EAPC online database. New registrations can be done free of charge at A hivatkozásra kattintva elhagyja a weboldalt subscribing as Collective Members and choosing the acronyms of the association from the list. The online registration service will be open very soon at A hivatkozásra kattintva elhagyja a weboldalt

EAPC XIV. Kongresszusa Koppenhága 2015