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Hungarian Hospice Palliative Association

the community of Hungarian hospices

Integrated palliative care networks from the perspectives of patients: A cross-sectional explorative study in five European countries

Palliative Medicine
5 February 2018

Marlieke den Herder-van der Eerden, Anne Ebenau, Sheila Payne, Nancy Preston, Lukas Radbruch, Lisa Linge-Dahl, Agnes Csikos, Csilla Busa, Karen Van Beek, Marieke Groot, Kris Vissers, Jeroen Hasselaar

Palliative care professionals are not always present or recognised as such in patients’ care networks. Expert palliative care involvement needs to be explicated especially for non-cancer patients. One healthcare professional should support patients in understanding and navigating their palliative care network. Patients seem satisfied with care provision as long as continuity of care is provided.

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